European Pavers

Our European pavers sourced from reputable manufactures will bring you landscaping design to life. With a range of colour and sizes to suit your landscaping design, we promise to deliver the European feel at affordable prices that will exceed your expectations. You can bring the antiqued rustic feel seen European back for your local project with our European Sourced pavers.

Dark Grey

Algae Resistance - Up to 80% resistance on all algae and moss from growing on the surfaces and edges of pavers.
Cost Saving - Pavers can be reused/ recycled.
Aesthetics - Variety of colours leads to interesting designs and creativity.
Absolute Durability - Minimal maintenance, hard wearing surface and high skid resistance
Easy Access to Underground Utility Services - Easily removed and replaced with minimal cost.
Versatile of Colour Coding Possibilities - Different permanent colours can be used to delineate separate areas