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European Concrete Pavers

Aqua Thomond
(Permeable Block Paving)

Aqua Thomond Block Paving has a chamfered edges that creates defines sharp clean lines to the paved area while the indents allows water to permeate through. It has various colours ensuring that Aqua Thomond Block paving is suitable for any project.

Aqua Thomond

The Thomond Paving chamfered edge defines sharp clean lines to the paved area in addition to the smooth textured surface. The mixed bale, consisting of two sizes, ensures better blending and is achieved on site. It is designed to ideally suit patios, gardens, paths and a range of commercial applications. The combination of various sizes and colours allows Thomond to be used creatively for one of a kind landscaping designs.


240mm x 160mm x 60mm

240mm x 160mm x 80mm

160mm x 160mm x 60mm


Below are the standard specification for all Sunway Interlocking Concrete Pavers If you have any enquires, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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