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Jurong Lake Garden

Jurong Lake Garden
Uniquely Singapore Pavers
(Customized Pavers)

We stand by our motto of “Paving your Landscaping Dreams” and we would like to share with you of how we aid the designers and architect on achieving their masterpiece for the iconic Jurong Lake Garden project.

Jurong Lake Garden: Colours

Jurong Lake Garden is an icon located at the western side of Singapore. It is one of the major park of Singapore and we are extremely proud to be part of such an iconic project.

We still remember vividly on how the project was onto its deadline on the final selection of the colours for the paving of the project. We have 6 different trials of various colours mixtures customized to the idea of what the architect was seeking in total. That is 6 air freights of express shipping to meet the deadline.

The first batch was too far off to what the architect was picturing. We customized the brown, light brown to have a blend of charcoal to achieve a running tone that will eventually blend with the grey.

Jurong Lake Garden (4)
From there we continued to work with the contractor on adjusting the colours to suit the design idea of the Architect and we fine tune and change the colours according to his comments to achieve a lighter tone.
But fine tuning it can be a tedious process if we are getting the wrong understanding as we were not communicating directly with the Architect.
Jurong Lake Garden (3)
Jurong Lake Garden (3)
Eventually, with determination, grit and a pinch of sheer luck. We finally were able to achieve the exact colours that the Architect was looking for.
Jurong Lake Garden (3)
Jurong Lake Garden (3)
He selected the lighter tone & darker tone of yellow with a blend of charcoal to mimic a flowing to colours tone from light to dark, and dark to light. The end result is a Uniquely Singapore only master piece as this colours are not available any where else in the world. The manufacturer RoadStone Ltd, has never produced such colours prior and it is also their maiden project into customizing such colours for their customers.
It was an experiential project for both them and us. We have understood from this project is that, words can get lost in transition and to achieve the most efficient results is to work with the Architect/Designers themselves to understand effectively the design they desire to achieve.
Jurong Lake Garden1
To add on to the uniqueness of the whole design, even the laying pattern is distinctive, with no straight line of pattern across the whole pavement. It is laid to break the line at every 3 course of paving. The colour concentration is also limited to achieve the blend that the Architect is looking to achieve.
Jurong Lake Garden2
We are extremely honour to have played a part in such a prestigious project and hope to create a landscaping dream that is Uniquely Singapore for more iconic projects. If you have a desire to create a one of a kind landscaping project. Please do contact us and we will be delighted to see how to may assist you. Thank you.
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