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Nelissen Facing Bricks

Nelissen Facing Bricks
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We stand by our motto of “Paving your Landscaping Dreams” and we would like to share with you of how we aid the designers and architect on achieving their masterpiece for the iconic Semi-Detached home using Nelissen Facing Bricks

Semi – Detached Home
We usually have the various enquires from Architect firms for our facing bricks samples.
Due to the fact that the finishing and colours of the bricks are unique and provides a very warm, cosy and heritage feel to it.
Making the property stand out with its one of a kind finishing. The range that we carry are too vast present every design to the architect hence we usually air freight the samples for the Architect for their choosing.
One such project is this Semi-Detached project erecting a full façade wall using NELISSEN facing bricks. From the left you may see the warm colours and finishing of the bricks. Invoking a cosy and homey feeling of the property.
The texture and colour tone of the selected bricks stands out. Under the Sunlight, the brick wall façade radiate a different feeling.
The colour selected from a grey and white scale colour theme. A running tone colour that is natural looking and not found any where else in Singapore.
When choosing Nelissen, you can be assured that your project or development is truly one of a kind as we have not encounter two architect that has selected and used the same model of bricks.
Below are some examples of a grey range bricks that we have shown to architect for an upcoming project. A snippet into the future of the project.
Nelissen Facing Bricks1
Nelissen Facing Bricks1
Nelissen Facing Bricks1
Nelissen Facing Bricks1
We are always excited to work with architects, developers and owners alike to assist them in creating a one of a kind project using facing bricks that are one and only in Singapore.
Nelissen Facing Bricks1

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