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Permeable Pavers

Permeable Pavers
The Sustainable Urban Drainage System

We stand by our motto of “Paving your Landscaping Dreams” and we would like to share with you of how we are able to offer a paving system or Sustainable Urban Drainage System that is able to meet ABC Waters guidelines.

Permeable Pavers: The alternative drainage system
What is SuDs? Our SuDs system is an alternative to the traditional pipes, gullies and culverts approach to a development and its drainage strategy.
A SuDS system comprises components and techniques that are deemed to be more sustainable and deal with storm water at source.
SuDS is the practice of controlling surface water run-off as close to its origin as possible, before it’s discharged to a watercourse or to the ground. Managing the water on site, minimize its runoff, detain the water for passive treatment and control it’s discharge rate back to the water table. The Roadstone Aquaflow system provides a practical solution to SuDS.
It is Ideal for all uses from home to commercial applications, for water harvesting to reducing the strains on our existing systems. The Roadstone Aquaflow SuDS allows rain to infiltrate through a permeable block paved surface into a unique sub-base before being released in a controlled manner into sewers or water courses. The system is capable of handling rainfall more that 4500mm per square meter per hour. The water leaving the Aquaflow system is cleaned by filtration and microbial action and can be used for secondary non-potable uses such as flushing toilets and watering soft landscapes. We can provide all materials necessary to facilitate the design and construction of our Aquaflow permeable paving system.

In gist, the typical design of the Aquaflow paving solution is as such:

Permeable Pavers
It can be designed as a tanked system or infiltration system depending on your requirements. It can also be designed for pedestrian loading or heavy vehicle loading.
One important unique feature of our permeable pavers is that infiltration is through the edges of the pavers compared to Porous pavers that infiltrates through the pavers themselves.
Research has shown that porous pavers loses its effectiveness in 6 months after construction, even after jet washing the porous pavers effectiveness are still reduced greatly rendering the purpose of the porous pavers impervious. However, our permeable interlocking pavers are not porous in nature and hence such reduction in capabilities will not occur. Research have shown that jet washing the gaps at the edge of the permeable pavers will effectively return the function to 85% of a newly installed pavement.
If you would like to understand how our SuDs system can be implemented in your project, or to further learn about the SuDs system. Please feel free to contact us and we will arrange for a presentation / consultation to explain further on our SuDs system capabilities and how it essentially covers the guidelines of ABC waters.
Permeable Pavers22
Permeable Pavers22
We have done presentations for various prominent architect firms and would be delighted to host one for you too. Thank you.
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